Friday, 13 June 2014

Billy Elliot The Musical

Victoria Palace Theatre

Billy Elliot

Set in the North of England during the miners strikes when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister and based on Stephen Daldrys movie released in 2000.  It's a story of a 11 year old boy who get's sent to boxing classes by his dad but he doesn't enjoy it and is only there because of his dad. One day after the boxing class a  big bunch of ballerinas come in to do their dance class and Billy ends up joining in and discovers he likes it. A few months pass and he receives an opportunity to audition for the Royal Ballet School and the story goes on.. ( I can't tell you too much )
The show was really funny but had lots of swearing but it wasn't really offensive because it was all said in a funny way so it had me laughing. Normally I don't like to hear swearing but it was funny how they used it in  the show. My favourite character was Billy's best friend Michael played by Zak Baker he was really funny and played the gay best friend really well. I liked Billy too who was played by Mitchel Tobin, he was a really good actor and dancer. Mrs Wilkinson played by Ruthie Henshall was the ballet teacher she was really tough and funny. I loved everything about the show the humour, dancing and story. I would recommend it to kids aged 10 + and all adults because its so much fun. 5/5 must watch! The only sad part is that my Dad & Brother didn't get to see it, they would have loved it. Check out superbreak they've got some great deals for shows and accomodation.


  1. What a wonderful insightful review, Suki. Thank you for the twitter follow. I will be back. I've not been to see Billy Elliot, as I was not aware of the plot and it did not seem that interesting. However, after reading your review I've changed my mind. Have a lovely day.
    Exceedingly Fund Days Out

  2. Thank you for your comment and yes you must go and see it, it very good.