Friday, 12 December 2014

Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park

This year we decided to go Winter Wonderland early in November because last year was so busy it was horrible. It was so quiet I was really shocked but also pleased.  Me and my brother went on the bumper cars one each costing 8 tickets per car very expensive but we had fun, I even got my mum to go on the Snow Jet ride although she hated it at one point when I looked at her she looked as if she was about to be sick. It just went so fast I think a little too fast. My mum came off really shaken and feeling sick. When you buy tokens they advertise the rides costing 2-3 tokens but I've not been on a ride less than 5 tokens which I find a bit strange and misleading. It also seems to have grown so big over the years its huge we didn't have time to go all around it was so cold we just went on a couple rides and headed for the chocolate churros which were very yummy. If you are planning to go in December try to avoid the weekends or at least go in the morning when its a bit quieter otherwise it could be too busy.

Nearest Tube- Marble Arch Central Line or Hyde Park Corner Piccadilly
Entry - Free
Rides- Can be very expensive
Fun factor 9/10

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Marylebone Christmas Fair

Christmas Fair Maryelbone High Street

I had a lovely surprise coming out of school today and stumbled across a Christmas fair. It had a Ferris wheel Reindeers, candy floss and lots of really nice food stalls, I'm not sure what time it's going on until but if you are around the area pop in and have a look it's great fun and feels really Christmassy. 

Monday, 17 November 2014


Paramount Pictures

I went to see the new movie Interstellar on Saturday night with my mum at the Odeon on Tottenham Court Road. It was a long move nearly 3 hours long but it didn't feel like it when watching. Starts of with us getting to know a small farming family a father, grandfather and two kids a boy and a girl but there's no mum so I'm guessing she had died. The Earth is declining and is suffering from drought and famine. The father being an ex astronaut gets sent a message and end up at Nasa and is asked to go on a mission to save the human race by searching for new habitable planets. It's a really sad story because the dad has to decide on whether to save the future of humans and seeing his children again. It's really gripping and sad but very good to see. The movie stars Matthew McConaughey as the dad/pilot and Anne Hathaway as his astronaut colleague who embarks on the trip with him. If you like Gravity then you will love this film even more. I give it 10/10

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Sherlock Holmes Museum

221b Baker Street 

Sunday I begged my mum to take me to the Shelock Holmes Museum on Baker Street as I wanted to get out of the house. When we got to the doorstep there was a queue outside as the Museum isn't very big.  The queue goes down pretty quick because they send people in as groups. When we finally got in, it was quite dark with lots of floors. All the rooms were tiny but very cosy and there were a lot of museum pieces like his pipe, cap, violin and detective tools. The house itself is protected by the government due to its architectural and historical interest. It really feels like old London during the Victorian years. It's open every day between 9.30am - 6pm admission costs £10 for adults and £8 for children plus it has a cute little shop next door to buy souvenirs. Nearest tube Baker Street of course :-) I would rate this visit 4/5.

Welcome to Sherlock Holmes House

A typical table set in Victorian days

Do you recognise the cap and pipe by any chance?

 "I say Watson"

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Tower of London Poppies

Last night I managed to get to see the poppies at The Tower of London. It's so beautiful and I was so amazed at how many there is. The exhibition represents all the soldiers that lost their lives in WW1. Its really sad to see how many people died trying to save and protect their country, the men were so brave and its nice to see that their work and life will never be forgotten. If you haven't been there yet you must go before the end of the month which is when the exhibition will end. Its very easy to get to but it is very crowded but don't let that put you off because you will get to see them without having to wait hours queuing. Nearest tube station is Tower Hill District line and it's free to see.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Before Christmas

Suki's Must Haves

I've been looking for some clothes for the winter in Forever 21 and Primark. Preferably long sleeves because its getting cold now.

Yellow Blousse
Orinate Crop Tee

Some Grey leggings

Love this christmas

Cute Red Wine skater skirt

Denim Skater Skirt

Friday, 29 August 2014

Back To School

Clarks School Shoes 

I just returned from my holidays and I'm so excited because I've just received my new school uniform and got my new school shoes. I can't wait to try on everything together. I'm also quite nervous about joining my new school because it's a big step and I'm also a little sad that all my primary school friends are going to different schools but they all live locally so I'm sure we can still hang out. I've got everything but the blazer so that's out next mission. I bought all my stationary like my pens, pencils, pencil case etc in Portugal because I couldn't wait.  I've just had my new shoes delivered and I can't wait to try them on again. The great thing about Clarks shoes is they have a special fitting service and different shape shoes so it doesn't matter if you have a wide or slim foot they have the shoes to fit.

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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Last Day of School

Soho Parish

Great Windmill Street

It was my last day at Soho Parish last week and it was really sad. I'm going to miss all my friends. Everyone is going EGA and I'm the only going to Marylebone but I'm really excited too I just wish we were all going to Marylebone. On the last day of school I had to miss the leaving assembly for year 6 because I was taking my piano grade 2 exam. I was really upset and wanted my mum to move the test but she said it was impossible. Everyone cried and hugged but we all promised to keep in touch. Luckily most of my girlfriends live close by so I'll make sure we get to hangout. I really loved going to Soho Parish school it was so much fun and it made my move from Ibiza easy. When I first arrived, the school had its own little magazine called Soho Youth where I wrote my first review so If it wasn't for Soho Parish I probably would never had started this blog. This was my third primary school and definitely the best so thank you Soho Parish for being such a great school and thank you to all the teachers and all the friends I met you're the best!

Class of 2014 having a leaving party on a roof terrace on Fleet St 

The crazy bunch

Me and my best friend Alyssa she was really kind and helped me settle in when I first joined

Getting ready for another performances in the playground

Me and my good friend Sabiha she's probably one of the kindest and most talented person I know. I'm sure she's going to do really well in life.

Soho Massive

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Italian Festival

Frith Street Soho

Bar Italia 65 year Anniversary 

If you are looking for something to do today why don't you pop down to Frith Street in Soho. Bar Italia is celebrating 65 years on Frith Street. There's so much good good and drink plus lots of great entertainment. Definitely not one to miss this Sunday.

Friday, 4 July 2014

London Dungeon

London's Attractions

Me, my mum and Raffy were thrilled to finally go to London Dungeon.When we first stepped inside we were shocked at how busy it was but don't let that put you off because once the tour starts you end up getting separated into different groups and spreading out. Now I don't want to tell you too much because I think its better not knowing what to expect so it doesn't spoil the scary surprises but what I can tell you is that it was brilliant we all really enjoyed it and we managed to get really scared. Throughout the tour you learn about some of London's history and biggest crimes in the 17th right through to the 19th century.  All the actors did a fantastic job at making us all feel we were all living in the past and making us scared of course.It made you feel how much we should appreciate the London we live in today. Back in the old days the city was full of rats and diseases. Like I said I don't want to tell you too much otherwise you wont get scared and that's the whole point but  I would recommend it to all families with kids over the age of 9 because its sooooo scary and definitely something that you should do over the summer holidays. I give it a 5/5 because I don't you could get a better day out.For more information and how to get tickets please check their