Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Theory Of Everything

Covent Garden Odeon

On Thursday my mum and I went to the Odeon in Covent Garden to watch The Theory Of Everything which is based on Steven Hawkings life. It explains how his disease affected him and his family.  The film starts off with him studying at Cambridge University where he meets his wife who is an art student. They quickly fall in love and shortly after he gets told he has Motor Neuron disease and is given just a few years to live.  The film makes you understand why Steven Hawkings is the way he is and makes you feel that you know him a little bit more. It's a really beautiful film his wife was a lovely woman who gave up her life for him. It's a really sad story, me and my mum cried all the way through so bring plenty of tissues. Eddie Redmayne plays Steven and he does it so well I'm not surprised he won an oscar he even looks like him in a way. Felicity Jones plays his wife and James Marsh directed it. I would say it was one of my best films to watch so I give it 10/10.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Photoshoot with Julia Fullerton Batten

Stow Maries Aerodrome


On Wednesday I had a photoshoot with Julia Fullerton Batten at Stow Maries Aerodrome in Essex. The aerodrome was originally built during the First World War in 1916 and I was told it's one of the last remaining for the First World War. It was never used in the Second World War because it was unsuitable due to the soil. It was also bombed by the Luftwaffe. The site has a really strange feeling to it like you've stepped back in time. Some of the buildings have been badly damaged but some are still ok and in use which is where I had my photoshoot. There's also lots of wildlife living there including Hawks, Rabbits, Woodpeckers and Barn Owls. We had  mince beef, onions, carrots and potatoes for lunch in the hall.  I think that was the food people ate during the First World Ward. I would really like to take my brother Raffy there I think he will find it fascinating. The shoot was also really good I got made up as a Feral Child and had to pretend I was living with dogs because my mum couldn't take care of me properly. I can't wait to see the photos because Julia is really talented and great to work with.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Jen Cafe

Chinese New Year London Celebrations

China Town London

It's very sad to see it rain again for Chinese New Year but that didn't stop me from going to China Town. It was really busy, damp and cold just like last year. Lots of tourists come in to the West End especially for the celebrations. I got my two packs of snaps and we headed for the food stalls but then decided to try out Jen a small Chinese cafe for Linner ( lunch & dinner ) just on the corner of the square next to Tokyo diner. I was with my mum but my dad was going to join us. They seemed to be really busy and sat us down quickly. My mum ordered some Beijing and fried dumplings then was told she was only allowed to order once so maybe it was better to wait for my dad to show up. We decided to order anyway because my dad was taking too long. But as soon as we ordered they slammed the bill down on the table and asked for the money up front. My mum explained that my dad was coming to eat and pay the bill. My mum said that if Ryanair had a restaurant this would be it. Which I found  hilarious. It was very stressful just sitting there and feeling pressured to pay. When we finished eating my dad  arrived and ordered himself more dumplings, white rice for my brother and a bubble tea similar to the one he had in Thailand, Peach & Honey.  It was good food, well priced but a bit too strict.

Year of The Goat

Chinese New Year

There's still time to pop into China Town today to celebrate the year of the goat. If you haven't been already then you've probably missed the parade but thats ok because theres sill lots to see and do. Theres also some great street food available so don't worry if the restaurants are full. I'm very lucky to have China Town on my doorstep, so now that I've finished shopping with my mum to get my brother new school shoes, I'll be going down myself to buy some snaps and see whats going on and pop into the Chinese community to dry off in between. Don't let the rain put you off it only happens once a year and its really good fun.

Monday, 16 February 2015

London Street Food

Street Food

It's not just Asia that has good street food London has also.  I love walking through China Town and smelling all the food getting cooked on the street it reminds me of Bangkok. There's a couple of great stalls next to China Town car park that do dumplings, crepes and buns filled with vegetable, pork or chives that cost just £1.70 and makes a yummy lunch on the go.  On a Friday afternoon Rupert Street just by Snog off Berwick Street has over 10 stalls offering all kinds of good food from Polish, Indian, Thai and Spanish. Theres also a Japanese stall serving food just outside the Japan Centre on Shaftesbury Avenue offering delicious dumplings just a few moments away towards Piccadilly.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Southbank Festival

School of Rock

Battle of The Bands

The Southbank Centre is giving young musicians under 12 an opportunity to showcase their bands on Tuesday 10 February so if you are looking for something to do or you're around then I would highly recommend you go and see it. I was supposed to perform with my band Made in Soho but I can't because I'm in school so please go and check them out and vote for them if you can. Its a great project for bands to be involved because in the morning there's a free workshop and then in the afternoon they get to perform for 10 minutes to a public audience. Audience is free and the competition is open to all levels. It's too late to enter for this year but maybe you should ask your school to put you forward for next year.  Check out whats on here

Starts from 12.30pm -14.45

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Breakfast Challenge

Jackson & Rye

Wardour St

Every Saturday when my mum picks me up from my violin classes in Marylebone we walk down to Soho to eat breakfast. My mum suggested that we try Jackson & Rye because she loves their coffee and decor and it always reminds her of having brunch in NY. I chose the pancakes with the blueberry compote and my mum chose the avocado and eggs Benedict with a portion of country style potatoes on the side. I really enjoyed the blueberry compote pancakes because they didn't put the toppings on the dish so I had a choice of how much or how little I liked it. I also had a juice which had pomegranate, orange and pink grapefruit. Surprisingly enough it wasn't sour from the grapefruit which I liked. I really recommend this restaurant for any of you wandering around soho and would like some quality brunch. Average breakfast for two including drinks £25-£30 and I can't wait to go again.
Slow drip filtered coffee

Pancakes with blueberry compote

Jackson + Rye on Wardour Street
Avocado Eggs Benedict

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Dork Diaries

Dork Diaries

Author: Rachel Renée Russell

I've been reading a new book set on my kindle called Dork Diaries about the life of Nikki Maxwell a teenage girl. She is a new student at Westchester Country Day Middle School and tries to deal with her everyday life, including her crush on Brandon and her enemy MacKenzie who tries to ruin her life all the time. She also has a annoying little sitter called Brianna who always try's to get Nikki in trouble. I have just started reading the series and I find them both hilarious and enjoyable to read. I'm currently reading Skating Sensation which is about Nikki and her two BFF's applying for the Skating Competition trying to raise money for the animal shelter which Brandon works at. I do recommend this book and the series to all kids age 9+ for its humour and I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of the series. You can buy them at Waterstones and Amazon for Kindle.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Day I Met Russell Brand

Revolution Book Signing

Waterstones Piccadilly 

I met a Russell Brand the actor from Get Him To The Greek just before Christmas. He was doing a book signing at Waterstones in Piccadilly so me my mum and brother went to get his new book signed to give to my dad for a christmas present. There was a big queue and it was freezing cold but when we got inside I was really excited because I love the movie Get Him To The Greek it's so funny I've watched it 3 times already. Russell was really nice he was hugging kissing and being friendly with everyone and looked like he was really enjoying it. Were big fans of his at home my mum, dad and brother are always watching his show Trews. I don't understand some of the political stuff he talks about but I do love watching his movies. He was really friendly to us but as me and my mum walked off Raffy my brother was still there I don't think Russell could get rid of him he was a bit star struck I think.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

London to Bangkok

Air China

I just got back from my holidays in Thailand with my family and had such a great time. The last time I went there was when I was 6 months old so I don't remember it at all. We flew from Heathrow terminal 3 with Air China which wasn't great if I'm honest because they separated us all on the flight. They expected me to sit on my own at the back of the plane and my brother 5 rows away, my mum and dad were the only ones together. My mum complained and the steward asked a couple to swap. It was really uncomfortable, my mum was worried this would happen because she couldn't check in online or at the desk instead you had to use machines so you had no control of where you'd sit. It was a disaster I saw everyone looking disappointed getting on the plane realising they'd been separated from their friends and family. Eleven hours later we arrived at Beijing airport it took us over an hour and half to get through the transfer gate where we had to wait 3 1/2 hours for a connecting flight to Bangkok. Luckily my mum had just signed up to lounge membership programme called Dragon Pass so we could gain access into the lounges and wait. We waited in the BGS premier lounge which was great it had a shower, buffet, hot and cold drinks. I even managed to watch a movie while I charged up my phone. The good thing about China is that you can leave the airport on a 72 hour visa but just make sure you have enough time to go through all the checks because it takes so long they check everything over and over again. Our time was up for our next flight again with Air China when my mum looked at her boarding cards she realised we were all separated again she really wasn't happy and started to get worried. When we got on the plane my mum spoke with the stewardess and she wasn't very helpful and said it was up to my mum to ask but when my mum started to get upset with her another lady came over and helped by asking another couple to be separated my mum felt really embarrassed we all did. Air China needs to understand that families need to sit together and also couples who book a holiday together expect the same, so it's really unfair and embarrassing for everyone why they did this. It wasn't just  us we saw lots of upset passengers. The inflight entertainment and food was good even the journey with not many bumps. Two weeks after arriving in Bangkok it was time to leave for London again my dad tried to check us in online and still couldn't so we had to wait until we arrived at the airport praying there was a check in desk and not a machine. My mum explained to the check in man what had happened coming out and he made sure we all sat together so finally we got to enjoy the flight without feeling guilty of taking someones seats. Would we fly with them again? I don't think so they really need to get moving with the times and make it easier for travellers to book online. My rating is a poor 2/5 because of the stress and embarrassment they made us feel.