Sunday, 15 May 2016

Delhi India

Arriving At Delhi Airport

I arrived in Delhi at 9am yesterday morning to a sweltering 100 degrees heat. A little bit tired after being squeezed into a 32 inch seat on Jet Airways for 8 hours and not able to sleep, but nevertheless I'm here and excited to see whats ahead. The Airport itself was not as crazy as expected in fact it was relatively calm. I headed towards the immigration filled out a landing card and made my way to the e-visa section to get stamped and out of there. I was little surprised at the amount of hand scans I had to go through but thankfully the airport wasn't so busy and it didn't take so long. As I walked out into arrivals I headed towards the booked taxis, now be careful with this because there's a whole row of them so do not go to the first couple like I did, look out for the big yellow sign for the yellow and black pre-paid. I made the first error which is easy for anyone to do by walking up to the first taxi desk. I was quoted 1,400 which I thought was pretty steep so I moved further down and spotted the pre-paid  yellow sign I had read about back on another blog before I left. Here I was quoted to pre-pay 400 rupees which seemed about right. The Black & Yellow taxis are one of the safest options plus they're regulated by the police. Another good tip worth sharing is ask for an air-conditioned vehicle something that I didn't, and in 100 degrees heat the journey was painfully hot.

My waiting taxi look out for the yellow and black

Look out for the yellow signs

When I arrived at my hotel I was somewhat disappointed. The corridor to my room was a bit shabby where all the plaster had started to peel off and in the room itself was also a let down. The shower screen and knob hadn't been cleaned. There was dried in stains on the duvet cover and cushions plus an extra few hairs left on the bed. For me that was enough to want to pack up and leave in which I did and headed over to the gorgeous 5 star Claridges. There's not much difference in price between a 4-5 star here so pay the extra £30 because the charges inside the hotel are virtually the same and can end up more especially if you have to pay for internet on top of the room charge.  I'm not going to name this hotel because the manager and housekeeping staff were extremely nice and it wouldn't be fair on them. They were all very apologetic and tried everything they could to encourage me to stay and even offered me their biggest suite which I politely declined. No matter how big the room would have been I still wasn't happy with the hotel in general. It was outdated, old and shabby and no room could distract me from that. Hopefully with my reaction it will give them a kick up the back side to put pressure on the lazy owners to refurbish the whole building or knock it down. The management agreed on giving me a full refund and so in the end I left in good will. Now on the other side of the street (so to speak) The Claridges staff were extremely welcoming and to my delight had my room was ready an hour earlier than the normal check in time 2pm. My room is twice the size than the previous with a queen bed and is big enough to be labelled a Junior Suite. Everything is sparkling clean and comfortable and at £75 a night I feel I've got a good deal. It also includes free internet which I think should be compulsory with every hotel and room  these days especially in the age we live in. The move and paying the extra £30 proved to be a wise decision and money well spent.

Welcoming at The Claridges

In the evening I finally managed to sit down at the beautiful Sevilla restaurant which serves delicious mediterranean food and what seemed a popular choice for the local wealthy diplomat residents.  I was greeted by a welcoming maitre d and walked to my beautiful table outside on the terrace. I was looked after from the moment I sat down by the wonderful attentive staff.  For starters I had the Gambas del Chorizo, pan roasted king prawns and chorizo in garlic and chilli. My main dish was the Corn Fed Chicken, grilled chicken on the bone smeared in balsamic apple and mustard smear, creamed puree, pan roasted vegetables and red win jus. Both dishes were delicious and I can't wait to get back and try another dish.

Deluxe Bedroom at The Claridges

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Bangkok & It's Fabulous Street Food

Is there any place in the world that can offer good street food like Bangkok? Why sit in a restaurant when you can eat what the locals eat for just 20-50 baht. There's food everywhere and for everyone including me and my brother although he's not as open minded as me so he kept with the fried chicken. Delicious as it may sound there's a lot more on offer and if you like soup you won't be disappointed. We stayed at The Ascott on Sathorn Road about 15 minutes walk to Silom and less than 5 minutes to the BTS Chong Nonsi. It was our 3rd stay and before we left for Thailand one of my requests was to stay at The Ascott why? Because I love the buffet breakfast, pool, location and we always book a large 2 bedroom apartment big enough for all.. As you walk out of the hotel there's plenty of street food on offer from Sausages, Fish Cakes, Fried Chicken, Rice, Soup etc... and its dirt cheap costing between 20p - £1. We hardly use restaurants when we're in Bangkok because there's so much to see and do and we love to eat along the way and try everything.

Chicken Fried Rice 

Pork Wonton Soup

Monday, 11 April 2016


Koh Tao 

Every year we take a big family holiday to Thailand and aim to visit a new island each time. Last year we visited Koh Chang & Koh Mak which was lovely. This time we decided to visit Koh Tao and if I'm honest I was a bit worried after hearing about the British couple that got murdered. But don't let that put you off because Koh Tao is beautiful and the crime rate is one of the lowest in Thailand and you'll regret not seeing its true beauty. We stayed at the gorgeous Koh Tao Cabana resort which is at the far end of Sairee beach. Sairee beach is one of the busiest beaches in Koh Tao full of diver shops, restaurants and budget accommodation so it does attract a lot of travellers wishing to dive. There's a busy nightlife too with regular fire dancers performing on the beach. The good thing about Koh Tao is that you can have it all, a party holiday, sporting holiday or a chilled one. Don't be put off if you want to relax away from it all because there is plenty of beaches to choose from and where Koh Tao Cabana is located the beach is beautiful and quiet. We stayed in the Ma Kam Beach Villa which was huge measuring 160 sqm with two large bedrooms and two shower rooms with a huge bath big enough for a family of 4. The villa was  furnished to a comfortable standard with beautiful teak furniture giving it an exotic feel.  As you open the terrace & bedroom doors you look straight out onto the beach and if you don't fancy the beach every day you have the option to lounge around the villa reading a book on a comfortable lounger. All the staff were very nice and always smiling.

View from the restaurant 

The restaurant has a  mix of western and Thai food and the food was delicious. Although we only ate there a couple of times due to the mosquitos, so my tip is to bring your own repellent  because the one the hotel offers doesn't seem to work as well and bring a plug for your room. We also managed to squeeze in a snorkelling trip, we searched a few places and found Diamond Tours was the most popular but didn't have great reviews, we booked anyway because the hotel recommended them, so we took our chance and was pleasantly surprised because the trip was great and the staff were too. We travelled all around the island and got to visit some beautiful beaches and coral reefs including the stunning Nang Yuan which was our final stop before heading back to the hotel, I would definitely recommend it. The cost just 750 baht ( £15) for the full day including a light lunch and fruit. Cabana resort will take care of the arrangements. My overall view is that Koh Tao is as beautiful as I imagined and it would be difficult not to return. Cabana resort was a fantastic choice and the only negative side of the trip was being bit but with the correct repellents then theres no reason why you wouldn't enjoy. Thank you to all the staff at Cabana we loved our stay!

Delicious Pad Thai @ Cabana Resort

Spacious Bedroom
Family Bath

Bedroom 2 With Very Large Bathroom
Terrace Kitchen

Monday, 29 February 2016

Soho Attic Sale

Soho Attic Sale

55 Dean Street Soho

This weekend don't miss Soho's first ever Attic Sale held at St Annes Church Hall on Dean Street Soho. Tables cost just £10 with the proceeds going towards funding the new entrance for St Annes Church and if you don't fancy a table just come along and have a browse it should be fun with lots of bargains to be had.

Entrance is free and hot drinks will be available. Doors open to the public at 10am and closes at 2pm.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Zoolander 2

Zoolander 2

Vue Cinema Piccadilly Circus

I finally got round to watching Zoolander 2 and it didn't disappoint me at all. It was really funny. Derek Zoolander sets himself a mission to look for his child but seems a little bit disappointed when he finds him. I won't say why because it will ruin the story. But you can expect everything to be as stupidly funny as the first one with a lot of cameo appearances from everyone in fashion including Kate Moss. My favourite character has to be Mugatu played by Will Ferrell, this guy has to be the funniest man on TV.  If you liked the first one then you'll like this one although I would say the first is the best out of the two but still definitely worth going to see.  I was also surprised at how comfortable the seating is at Vue cinema at Piccadilly Circus I'll definitely be going there again  I give it 3/5 for the movie and 4/5 for the cinema.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Chinese New Year

Year of The Monkey

It's all celebrations down here in the West End its Chinese New Year and China town is buzzing with people and it's not raining for once. Come down eat some fantastic Chinese Street Food and join in the celebrations. There's lots going on in Trafalgar Square, Shaftesbury Avenue, Leicester Sq, China Town and Charing Cross Road. Performances happening all day.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Magical Lantern Festival

Chiswick House and Gardens Feb 3rd- March 5th

Yesterday I was lucky enough to visit the Magical Lantern Festival which will open to the public on Wednesday the 3rd of February to the 5th of March. It was 50 minutes away from us on tube (Piccadilly) and we were already running late so we decided to take a chance and jump an Uber which was £5 there and £14 back which was little bit odd considering it was the same distance. You can buy your tickets on and search up Magical Lantern Festival. It's themed around Chinese new year since its on the 8th of February which is just around the corner. The festival includes stunning sculptured lanterns in all different shapes and sizes varying from plants, animals and buildings and even a 60m dragon spread across the whole lake! There's also full size pandas, zebras, horses, flamingos and giant ants. If you look close enough you'll see beautiful swans swimming down the lake. I definitely recommend to take your kids, brother, sister, mum dad, cats, dogs and goldfish because its an event that shouldn't be missed.
The Giant Ants!

Life-size pandas

Colourful flower petals

The 60m Dragon

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Chinese New Year

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Star Wars:Force Awakens

All year I've been waiting for the new Star Wars film as it was supposed to be amazing and it finally arrived on Thursday. Me and my mum ran to Leciester square where the premier was and we were lucky enough to see chewy and C3-PO walk down the red carpet and loads if storm troopers march down it too. My mum tried her hardest to get us tickets but it was impossible. We even tried going into Burger King and going to the top floor to see a bit better but it was no use. I was still thrilled that I had the chance to see some main characters even if it was their backs. After all that we got some pictures taken with some of the odeon staff dressed up in Star Wars characters which was also quite fun.

When we walked home my mum promised me that we would go see Star Wars on Sunday night and so we did. I was so excited because I was going to see Star Wars in the cinemas with the old characters in it! I recommend buying tickets online because my brother tried to see on a Friday but it was packed with people buying tickets at the counter. I've heard people have watched it again and again and once you've watched it once you understand why. If you have the chance watching it twice I recommend watching it normally and then watching it in 3D! It's a humorous and sci-fi film great for family's. My grandma was never really a fan of Star Wars and when we took her on Sunday with my dad and mum she loved it. You need to watch as soon as possible because sooner or later someone is going to spoil it for you. 

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Soho On The Cheap

There's a great offer I'd like to share with you this week, the new Vietnamese restaurant Pho And Bun  is offering any Pho Soup for just £5 between 12-5pm ending on the 15th December. All they want in return is a photo share on social media. What you waiting for get yourselves down there and fill your boots. 76  Shaftesbury Avenue W1D 6ND

Beef Pho

Tea & Coffee for Just £1

Have you noticed how expensive these coffee shops are now and you can't seem to buy a coffee for less than £2.60. My mum is always complaining at the price of a coffee until she came across this little place just on Greens Street in Soho. For tea or coffee its jus £1 nothing fancy like your Cappochino's or Lattes just a nice simple filter coffee. You can also get home made cakes and scones for just £1.50 and sandwiches for just £2. So next time you're in Soho and you fancy a cuppa check it out.  3 Greens Court Soho W1F 0HD

Friday, 11 December 2015

John Lewis Roof Terrace

Lunar Look Out

If you haven't been already you must visit The Lunar Look Out on John Lewis Oxford Circus roof terrace. It's decorated with over a hundred Christmas Trees and you get the chance to look at the moon in one of their big telescopes. You can also get a your photo taken next to the moon whilst sipping hot chocolate whilst mum drinks a mulled wine. It's really lovely and it gets you into the Christmas vibe. I got recommended to go by one of my friends who went to Monty The Penguin one last year. It will be available until the 31st of December but the roof terrace is open throughout the year and has fabulous views. I do recommend going around christmas time because you can get a hot beverage and you can look at  Oxford Street lights from above. I give it 5/ 5 for getting you into the Christmas Spirit.
they had cabins you could sit in with cosy blankets.

Luna lookout backround

Look through the telescope and see the moon