Wednesday, 15 July 2015

I love Nata

Pasteis de Nata

Covent Garden

One of my favourite Portuguese deserts is the Pasteis de Nata so I was very surprised and happy to see a new place pop up on Endell Street Covent Garden called I Love Nata.  Pasteis de Nata is one of Portugals best exports. Puff pastry cases, filled with delicious yummy custard with a little added sprinkle of cinnamon on the top. The cafe a small, simple and understated but eye catching and welcoming at the same time. Don't expect to see any other cakes or deserts here this cafe is dominated by these tasty tarts. Being half Portuguese myself I'm a huge fan so I couldn't help but pop in and try one to help control my dribbling at the window.
As me and my mum was scoffing away we looked at each other with a big grin and muttered 'Amazing'. Yep this one I'm definitely giving a thumbs up and I can't wait to introduce dad.

I Love Nata - Latchfields Yard, 61 Endell Street, WC2H 9AJ

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Soho Food Feast

St Annes Gardens Wardour Street

It's that time of year again and one of my favourite weekends. The Soho Food Feast is back and its on this Saturday and Sunday so if you haven't been and you like food like me then here's your chance. The Soho Food Feast is a charitable event to help raise funds for my old primary school Soho Parish here in Soho. The school is so small and so is the playground so the money they collect on the day goes towards a new playground for the kids. Every year more restaurants get involved by loaning their chefs for the day to cook sample dishes to sell to the public for just £2 its really great and delicious so all you do all day is eat and drink in the sunshine. What else would you want to do?  So lets hope it's sunny. Theres also cooking demonstrations going on all day for everyone to watch and get involved. Here are just some of the restaurants involved this year: HIX, The Groucho, Quo Vadis, Dean Street Townhouse, Jackson & Rye, Bone Daddies, The French House, Brindisa and lots of more. Check out their website for more information and tickets, I would advise to buy online to get the best price and do it NOW before they sell out!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Day Out in Oxford

I told my mum that I wanted to do something before we go back to school because she's been working for most of the holiday and I wanted to spend some quality time with the family somewhere out of London. The next morning my mum woke me and my brother up and told us we were going to Oxford so we jumped on a Great Western train from Paddington to Oxford and started our journey. First we had a walk around the main town. We had to follow all the tourists with maps and cameras as they looked like they knew where they were going. After we had a walk around the town we came across Christchurch one of Oxfords largest colleges in the university. Many famous people have studied there including Lewis Carroll author of Alice in Wonderland and Albert Einstein the famous scientist. We also noticed the crowds walking towards the river where we managed to see a boat race between colleges which we found really exciting.
Outside Christchurch
Outside Christchurch


Womens Boat Race

My Strawberry and Nutella Crepe.
My mum wanted to take us punting but we ran out of time so we promised ourselves we will do it when we visit Cambridge on our next trip. On our way back we decided to stop for tea and cake and found this cafe that did crepes and afternoon tea so we went inside. I ordered myself a crepe with strawberries and Nutella and my brother ordered a banana split styled crepe. My mum wanted a cup of tea and a scone but when the scone was served it was cold. My mum complained that she wanted the scone warm not cold and when the waiter came over he touched the scone with his finger to feel the temperature. My mum was so shocked and told one of the waitresses  to cancel the order because my mum felt the waiter would bring the same scone back. When they gave me the crepe it was very thick and it would have tasted better if the strawberries were cooked with the crepe. The banana split inspired crepe had way too much cream and loads of chocolate sauce. Overall it wasn't an amazing snack and we all gave it a thumbs down but Oxford was beautiful I would definitely recommend going. There is plenty of nice places to eat next time just remember to plan ahead.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

We Must Stop Bumping Into Each Other

Look who I bumped into at Marks and Spencer on Oxford St. I love working with M&S they're such a cool and funny bunch I have so much fun and I get to buy my own electronics. My mum thinks we already have too many electronics in the house at the moment we have 3 laptops, 2 computers, 3 iPads and 4 iPhones ( my mum has two one personal and the other for work) my mum also has  2 laptops. But I want an iPhone 5c next and my mum is not convinced I need one just yet.

Behind the scenes of my M&S shoot

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea Without The Bubbles Is A Crime

Living in the West End I've noticed there's been quite a lot of bubble tea shops popping up. When I first came to live in Soho about 4 years ago there was Bubbleology and few in China Town but recently it seems that there's one popping up on every corner and it makes you wonder how they can survive its like putting a Tesco next door to Sainsburys twice on the same street. Last summer I got very excited to see one opening up across the road from my apartment named Biju and I couldn't wait to try it but I was left disappointed when they were offering bubble tea without the bubbles? Isn't that the whole point of bubble tea? Bubble tea is not bubble tea without the bubbles and if that wasn't bad enough they filled it with coconut water rather than use green tea. Personally I think "Bubble Tea" is sweet enough with the sugar syrup and the tapioca without having to add more sugar to it. Plus I have an allergy towards coconut so for me this one a big NO  and I'm not sure how this fits with other bubble tea drinkers. You may have read my review on Nam vietnamese cafe on Dean street 3 years ago and since then I've seen it disappear just over 18 months ago which I was really sad about. There's not many places you can eat a Pho soup for £4.95 freshly made in front of you within 5 minutes. I'm still trying to get over it, but when Chew took its place it kind of eased the blow a bit because Chew was again a bubble tea shop and probably my favourite to this day. Maybe if I reviewed it would still be here ( if only). Chew's bubble tea was made with less sugar and would cost you £3.75 a little less than Bubbleology at £4.25. Unfortunately Chew was also cursed and recently closed down to be replaced with a new Lobster cafe ( they still have the shop fitters in as I type). So on Saturday instead of going right from my apartment I took a left and guess what I found another bubble tea shop called Moo Boo so I thought I'd try.  Moo Boo seems to have a more concept feel to it  maybe its because it is. However they do have a big and easy menu and does a lot more than bubble tea.  It presents itself as the Starbucks of bubble tea shops and it would be interesting to know who is behind it just because I'm nosey.  Moo Boo not only offers fruit and milk bubble tea they also offer smoothies and have a lot of of tea rooms popping up in big cities. When I was there it was really busy and the smoothies seemed to go down well. I've yet to see how they're other stores are working but this one was certainly busy to the point I walked away because of the queue. As fast I walked away I stumbled across another one across the street in Covent Garden called Cuppacha. They  had little tasters outside which were delicious so they managed to pull us in and we ordered two large bubble teas which came to £10 ( my mum was mortified ) but when it came to pay the card machine wasn't working and because we had no cash we decided to leave it.  My mum was quite relieved because its probably the most expensive one out of all of them. We were disappointed that we still hadn't got our bubble tea but we had a walk around the West End and a couple of hours later managed to pop back in to Moo Boo. I had apple and my mum had passion fruit with mango bubbles and tapioca and yes it was a thumbs up from us.

Bubbleology - Rupert Street Soho W1D / Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge SW1X
Moo Boo -  13 Moor Street Soho   58 Queensway W2

Sunday, 24 May 2015

BRGR Kings Road

Decided to venture out of the West End today and pay a visit to the Kings Road on our way back from Battersea Dog and Cat Home, don't worry I didn't come back with a pet just window pet shopping. My dad would kill us if we returned home with another pet and besides we don't really have the space in Soho so we decided to go for a burger at my favourite burger bar. I had the 4oz with blue cheese and because they give you so much chips me and my mum shared. 

Pimlico Boot Sale

Today I'm at the Pimlico Boot sale and  there are so many stalls full of random bits and bobs. There was a lot of rubbish as well  as some good items. I recommend going around a few times as you often miss some interesting stuff. I just bought a Maison jar which are not easy to come across, a pencil necklace and my mum bought a 50s retro coffee table and some towels for her buy to let house in Liverpool.  If you get there before 11:30 it's free otherwise it's £5 but I would advise to get their early to avoid the crowds and get the good stuff. It was a great morning out and I'm definitely going back. The boot sale is in Pimlico Academy playground on Lupus Street SW1V bus 24 or Victoria line to Pimlico 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Breakfast Challenge

Bills Restaurant

Brewer Street

So for my next breakfast challenge we chose Bills on Berwick Street. My mum chose Bills full English breakfast and I had the poached eggs on toast. My mum really enjoyed her breakfast in fact I've never seen her eat it so fast. It wasn't too much and not too little so perfect. The eggs were done nicely and instead of bread she had beans. My mum kept saying how tasty it was so it must have been good. My eggs were also very nice and was cooked perfectly on seeded toast. For drinks my mum ordered a decaffeinated cappuccino and I ordered a lemonade float which was delicious. We both agreed we would definitely come back for breakfast. All the staff were really nice and we didn't have to wait to sit down. Bills is a great place for breakfast or brunch very reasonable. Expect to pay for a breakfast around £6-9 and come out feeling really happy. Bills have got it all going on nice staff good surroundings and delicious food. I give it 8/10.
English Breakfast

Lemonade Float

Poached Eggs on Toast

Sunday, 17 May 2015

M&S Kids Spring Summer Collection

Summer Fashion

Recently I did another shoot for M&S and I finally found a skater skirt that fits me. I loved it so much that I got my mum to buy it for me at the weekend, the only thing is that I need a new top now to match it just like the one here on my blog. I have to say that Marks and Spencer's kids range this summer is really cool the've got some really nice pieces in go and check out their website

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Theory Of Everything

Covent Garden Odeon

On Thursday my mum and I went to the Odeon in Covent Garden to watch The Theory Of Everything which is based on Steven Hawkings life. It explains how his disease affected him and his family.  The film starts off with him studying at Cambridge University where he meets his wife who is an art student. They quickly fall in love and shortly after he gets told he has Motor Neuron disease and is given just a few years to live.  The film makes you understand why Steven Hawkings is the way he is and makes you feel that you know him a little bit more. It's a really beautiful film his wife was a lovely woman who gave up her life for him. It's a really sad story, me and my mum cried all the way through so bring plenty of tissues. Eddie Redmayne plays Steven and he does it so well I'm not surprised he won an oscar he even looks like him in a way. Felicity Jones plays his wife and James Marsh directed it. I would say it was one of my best films to watch so I give it 10/10.