Friday, 11 April 2014

Sticking With It

Why You Shouldn't Give Up

Last Saturday was the end of term for my violin classes at Marylebone and Pineapple Performing arts. I had to do two performances to show my family what I have learnt during the term. They're both totally different from one another because at Pineapple I sing, dance and do drama for 3 hours every Sunday and at Marylebone I'm learning to play the violin on a Saturday morning. I love going to Pineapple it's really fun but when I first started to play violin I didn't like it and my mum was saying that it's really important to learn to play instruments when you are young because it's harder when you get older and I might regret it. My dad is a musician/ producer so there's always music being playing in the house. I'm really glad I stuck to it because I really love it now and I'm so excited because Amy my teacher at Marylebone has just put me forward to do my grade 1 violin exam in June and it will be the same time I do my piano grade 2. So there's a lot of practice I need to be doing during the holidays. I tried playing the guitar at school for a bit but didn't like  that either so I quit. My mum says I can't give up on piano or violin until I at least get to grade 4 then we can decide if I'm going to carry on. The best thing is passing your grade exam it makes it all worth it so stick with it's definitely worth it. Me and my brother both go ta merit in our piano exam and we both want a distinction next. 

Getting ready to play at SMS ( Marylebone )

Raffy gathering everyone to sing at Pineapple

Friday, 4 April 2014

Easter Egg Hunts


I'm getting really excited  Easter holidays are coming up. No more waking up early at the weekends to play violin, a break from Pineapple and playing piano. Last year we went to Portugal so maybe we'll go there again or go somewhere in the UK. Every year we do an Easter egg hunt and me and my brother end up with loads of eggs.

Cadburys are putting on Easter Egg hunt all over the UK check here to see if there is one near you

Faberge have also got their own worldwide hunt called The Big Egg Hunt and you can bid on beautifully designed eggs. The Faberge Big Egg Hunt is 100% charitable, working to raise vital funds for first class causes. Studio in a School, (  is one of New York's non profits, bringing visual arts and professional artists to more than 150 New York public schools each year. The event will equally benefit Elephant Family as they continue to save the endangered Asian elephant from extinction. So as you can see its all in a good cause. Throughout the holidays I will see how many eggs I can find and post them to my blog so keep an eye out.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Persil’s ‘Cook with the Kids’ Workshop and Food Fight!

I was lucky enough to be invited to Persils “Cook with the Kids’ event. I arrived a little bit late as normal but managed to catch with all the kids making Pizza, it looked fun but I decided after watching the younglings put their hands in all the mixture I decided to give it a miss, but I did join in baking cupcakes. The event was really fun but more for younger kids under the age of 7. There was also a big food fight I thought I’d give that a miss too, especially after seeing the baked beans and spaghetti. No matter what protective clothing and goggles they had there was no way I was having baked beans and custard thrown at me.  The kids were having so much fun, food was flying everywhere but it was very well controlled by the staff and parents. THANK GOD.  I did come away thinking I should be baking more with mum but I think I need to work on her a little more about making a mess.
One for the mums: Persil’s new washing and improved liquid  means each bottle will clean 12 per cent (that’s 1,400) more dirty plates than before. There are six fabulous fragrances coming to supermarkets – Pink Blush, Orange Crush, Lemon Burst, Apple Fizz, Fresh Mint with anti-bacterial action, and limited edition Spring Blossom. Tehy all look and smell delicious!
To find out more please visit and sign up theres also a chance to win £500 towards your kids party

My little creation
Making cupcakes

How do I look?

These kids were brave
I love the new colours

Friday, 7 March 2014

Best Mr Whippy in the West End

Mr Whippy Ice Cream

I just love Mr Whippy ice cream I also love Amorino but sometimes I just fancy a Mr Whippy now and again. You can get some really bad ones that come out really thick and creamy. My favourite place is on The Strand opposite Charing Cross Station. It costs just £2 and I wont go anywhere else unless I'm out of town. Its hard to find a good Mr Whippy for £2 especially in the West End. If you go please post a photo on my blog. 4/5

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

National Story Telling Week

Gangster Granny

So last week was National Story Telling week and I decided to dress like Gangster Granny. I got my mum to take to get a wig and pulled out a dress from her wardrobe. I also had to find a strange place to be photographed reading. My best one is with Smokey on the toilet, I think she liked Grangster Granny too.

What did you go as and what do you think of my costume?

Friday, 28 February 2014

Suki's Must Haves

Bowler Hat

So I managed to find a hat after looking everywhere. I found it in a lovely hat shop around the corner where I live on Berwick St. It's a really cool shop with lots of different style hats and all made to good quality.
This one cost £25 not so cheap as you would find in a market but its a nice strong hat and I love it.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Muriels Kitchen

Old Compton Street


A couple of months ago a new restaurant called Muriels Kitchen popped up on Old Compton Street. If you walk down Old Compton St you can't miss it because the window makes you stop and look at all the delicious cakes. I've been in a couple of times and every time I go it's always busy. The cakes are as good as they look and yesterday I shared a strawberry sundae with my mum. It was delicious I loved every last lick. Inside is very nice and comfortable with a great atmosphere. It's a little bit expensive compared to a lot of other place in the area but its nice and the deserts are good. I give this 3/5

Monday, 3 February 2014

Chinese New Year

Year of the Horse

I had such a great weekend, I went to Pineapple performing arts on Sunday did a lot of dancing and singing and then straight after I went to China Town to celebrate Chinese New Year. This year was the year of the horse and was  packed full of stalls selling gifts, food and birth charts. I missed the parade because I was getting ready for Pineapple but we did manage to see some smaller performances with the horse. I bought some snaps and a Chinese horse puppet. Last year the weather was cold and raining really hard so we couldn’t enjoy it that much but this year the weather was really good. Did you know that London holds the biggest  Chinese New Year celebrations outside of China ? So next year make sure you try and go it’s so much fun and there’s loads of delicious food.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

School Half Term Breaks


It was my mums birthday yesterday and for her present she asked my dad for a family trip to Amsterdam. So were all going during half term in February. I'm really excited because I've never been to Amsterdam so I don't know what to expect. My mum and dads friend Narouz lives there and he's a really good  artist so I'm hoping I'll get to see his studio. That's my dream is to be an artist I love drawing I've always got a pencil in my hand.
I don't know what to expect in Amsterdam so if anyone can recommend any places to visit then please share. I will give you a full update whilst I'm there.